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Timer and semaphore for:
olympic bow,
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ARCHERY TIMER (Art.155-05)

Chronometer with signal lights for archery competition


ARCHERY TIMER is ideal for programming, timing and displaying the time (minutes:seconds) of archery matches, according to international federation (WA-FITA) rules.
It is mostly recommended for archers, coaches, clubs, referees and organizers of archery competitions.

  • 9 different shooting sequences can be set, each quickly activated by keyboard or remote control. For each sequence are programmable:
    - the mode [contemporary shooting, alternate, make up arrow],
    - the duration of the call times [0 ~ 99 s], shooting [0 ~ 10 min], advice [0 ~ 10 min] and the number of turns [1 ~ 3].
  • The various match stages are automatically signaled by the activation of signal lights and audible alerts.
  • Choice of 2 types of sounds and 4 levels of volume [off, low, medium, high].
  • Automatic display of the shooting turn [A, b, Ab, Cd, EF].
  • Possibility of pausing the game at any time in an emergency, with an appropriate acoustic signal.
  • Time management manual or fully automatic.
  • Modality of time count: forwards or backwards.
  • Digit height 9cm, easily visible for over 30m, with 4 adjustable brightness levels.
  • Robust insulated plastic container.
  • High quality flat membrane keyboard, with 5 million contacts guaranteed for every key.
  • Power supply: AT is provided with a power supply 100-240V / 12VDC. The type of plug can be specified when ordering.
    Power can also be supplied using an external rechargeable battery (see Optional Accessories, Art. 828 ).
  • Size and weight: 56 x 23.5 x 9 cm - 2.05kg.


Power supply 100-240V/12VDC. (Art.954)

Infrared TELECONTROL (Art.152-10)
   Range: 15m.
   Power supply: with a 9-Volt alkaline battery.
   Lifespan: about 140.000 operations.
   Sturdy small alluminum box: 14.5 x 5.5 x 2.2 cm.
   Membrane keyboard which does not get ruined by dirt or liquids.


For the battery power supply:
  • Art.828 - RECHARGEABLE BATTERY 12V/6-7Ah. The typical battery duration is about 16 hours.
  • Art.169 - Battery charger 100-240V/13,8VDC 1,5A.

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